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Which Pages to Optimize?

One of the most difficult elements of conversion is figuring out which pages you should optimize and why. Customers are fickle and will often times change pages randomly.  This makes it important to optimize pages that are important to the sales cycle itself.  Any page that affects sales is significant, but you need to choose pages that will deliver fast ROI and provide insight that you can utilize when making further changes to optimize the whole site.

Here’s a quick overview of the most crucial pages on your website, and what to know when considering optimizing them for Conversion.

High traffic pages– Improving performance of the highest trafficked pages on a site can have a big impact on a campaign.  Knowing where people are landing and how they are getting there, plays a role in buying cycle.

Low traffic pages Sometimes the most important page on a website has the lowest traffic.  For example, if you are offering a free audit but a site visitor can only find the link in the page footer, then simply moving the offer could result in change.

Landing Pages These are one of the best places to start working on conversion.  Because landing pages have targeted traffic going to them it makes it easier to track the conversion elements. For example, if you are looking for exercise apparel and click on a page that shows you just yoga apparel, you got there with a specific purpose in mind.  Looking at and testing these reasons will teach you things that will apply to the rest of the website.

Homepages   While homepages are essential to any website, they are not the place to begin testing.  Homepage visitors are coming from everywhere and give a larger focus group view instead of a small, more targeted sample size.

Product Pages Product pages are crucial to the sales process, as customers only land on them if they’re quite serious about purchasing the product. As a result, product pages attract highly qualified, valuable traffic. So they’re very important to optimize and test for Conversion to boost sales.

Shopping Carts – Shopping carts are central to the success of an e-commerce site but it’s always a struggle to get people to convert.  The barrier to entry with shopping carts is extremely high, they are very technical, they have a lot of moving parts and things to test.  Because shopping carts drive all revenue, making small technical changes that end up breaking the shopping cart will cause you to lose the ability to make any sales at all.


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